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Experts in Bremerton Washington water damage restoration and repairs. WaterWay are your go to professionals. For all water removal, storm damage repair, and flood damage repair in Bremerton WA call us today for a free quote: 1-330-537-1139

WaterWay is located in Bremerton Washington, and with a emergency phone line maned with certified technicians 24/7 we are able to respond faster than the competition. Speed is of the upmost importance when water damage is taking place. The sooner you are able to get our service professionals to your commercial or residential property to begin the water damage restoration process the more of your property that we will be able to save. WaterWay has professional foundation drying equipment, and dehumidifiers that regulate the moisture levels in your structure. This will prevent mold and mildew buildup which will compromise the health of all individuals that enter the property.

Please do not trust just any service provider with your water damage repair in Bremerton. Often these lesser companies will be unable to properly remove all of the moisture, which will cost you exponentially more in the end. With years of experience saving residential and commercial property from water damage, we have become well versed in all issues revolving around water damage and the problems commonly associated with it.

  • Dishwasher malfunction
  • sewage backup issues
  • Mold buildup
  • Mildew removal
  • Locating undetectable moisture.
  • Grey water and black water damage removal
  • Leaking gutters damage
  • wastewater damage repair
  • burst pipes
  • washing machine flooded basement
  • flood damage
  • Storm water damage
  • and more…

You or your company in need of water damage restoration services in Bremerton Washington? Contact our educated technicians today and get a Free Quote.

24hr Emergency Number: 1-330-537-1139
Bremerton Public Works: 360-473-5920
Bremerton Police Department: 360-473-5220

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WaterWay are the trusted emergency water repair service providers throughout Washington and our technicians have become experts in saving properties and personal belongings with expert water damage restoration in Bremerton Washington. Our close knit relationship with the community has allowed us to bring semblance to your life in these times of havoc.